What Sets bobsstocks.com Apart?

What sets bobsstocks.com apart?

Not all models are the same. It really depends what signal one is trying to model. Being a scientist I know about noise. I can only say that separating signal from noise is dependent on the amplitude and period of the wave or trend. Big trends tend to be obscured by noise and if that noise is removed by choosing the correct period then a real signal emerges. bobsstocks.com has looked a big trends…ones that last for years at a time. These are the ones you can play with higher probability. No pattern is 100% but if one can increase their odd of winning by 10% or 20% and perhaps 30% then the odds of winning big over 5 or 10 year periods is huge and the risk goes down. Nothing is perfect but probabilities matter and that is what bobsstocks.com has positive skill in doing. Thanks much for your comments about your experience.

The Key to outperformance in my view is riding big trends and being willing to be in all cash when the trend is not your friend. Bear markets go down about 3X faster than Bull Markets go up. I try to get 80% of major bull trends by being in the SPY and otherwise in cash. Cash is a great place to be in Bear Markets. If you can catch 80% of major trends you will outperform the indexes by a mile and reduce your risk. The stock market only changes trends once in a while. So one does not have to trade much thereby saving fees. bobsstocks.com uses a major trend change model/method that has shown itself to be accurate, easy to use and cost effective. Patterns repeat in nature over and over again and the stock market is full of high probability patterns. Remember The Trend Is Your Friend Until It Ends!  Click here.