Subscriber Love

Frigging great call Bob …on Apple especially but, I’m also impressed and frankly perplexed by your intuition on the internal market weakness. Lots of folks are looking at the same charts but you seem to be one of the only ones that gleans the right message. Glad I’m on board.

- G.W., Scottsdale, AZ

In these turbulent times, to constantly correctly call market moves of any significance is amazing. I have never been a chartist but am sometimes a stock picker. I mostly get that wrong. I am now a convert to Bob’s methodology. I do not understand it, but he clearly does and I am content to rely on that. I would never put all my investments into a single methodology but I am willing to put at least 50% into the market on Bob’s information and follow the movements he defines. Regardless of what one makes I am sure one will save the cost of the newsletter by one correct move.

- Jack Walker, Boulder, CO

I have been a member of Bob’s Stock Market Weather Forecast since February 2012. His analysis and therefore prediction of the market’s movements have been surprisingly accurate. I have found his service to be a great help, especially in these highly uncertain times. Yay Bob, keep up the good work.

- Bruce Jaffe, Boulder, CO

I started using Bob’s Model Method 3 years ago… It was during the time of the world wide crash and once it was over he told me the Model Method was signaling a market uptrend. This gave me comfort in a time where it was not easy to invest and has kept me up to date on the trends in the market. I can highly recommend his service.

- Susan, London, UK

Morning Bob! Thanks for the bobsstocks update.  Times have been tough in the markets - Especially for a short term trader. Your advice is like gold to me.

- Duncan Littlejohn, Sao Paulo, Brazil

The educational materials offered through Bob's Stocks have been truly empowering. Not only have I learned about how to follow and interpret trends, I (as well as my family) have profited greatly. Knowledge is power when dealing in the market and Bob's website is enlightening. It is astonishing how the model seems to keep investor emotions in check as well. I can't recommend Bob's Stocks highly enough!

- Alex Gearhart, Director at Sherpa Brewery Pvt. Ltd. in Denver, CO

Hey Bob

Nice call on the last selloff. I was out per your MM. Go Bob

Take Care

- Tom Busby, San Francisco, CA

Hey Bob

Thanks for your work on the BSMWF, very interesting & useful, as usual.

- Ed Ellyson, Kansas City, KS

Hi Bob

Good call on the market, if only (name deleted) had followed your advice. I did am and very happy! Just wondering will you send out another email when it is time to go back into the market?


- Susan W., London, UK

I need to say thanks for the Bob's Stocks newsletter and the guidance I've gained from it.  I've been staying the course as strategy one advised; although it's been often been nerve racking.  Without your help, I would undoubtedly have "sold low".

So, the very best to you  and keep up the good work with the newsletter.

- Ed Ellyson, Kansas City, KS