Special Update – September 22, 2016

The Forecast continues to be on the money.  First, the Fed did not raise interest rates.  To some this was a surprise but the Forecast for 2016 has been: “The US Fed will not raise interest rates much if at all in 2016”.  After a bit more than a 3% correction, as I forecast in my Special Update on September 1, the stock market took off to the upside upon the Fed’s  “no change” announcement.  How can they raise?  The economy is barely growing, is producing jobs at a rate that is 75% below that of normal US economic expansions, is faced with negative rates abroad, and is stuck with 25% excess industrial capacity not to mention 1.5% inflation. I highly doubt there can be much change in rates until economic policies here and abroad are revised to jump start the world economy especially after a 35 year bear market in rates!

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