Special Update – Feb 1, 2017 – bobsstocks.com

The first month of the year in the stock market usually sets the tone for the year.  January 2017 ended up over 1% which may seem small but on an annualized basis it is over 13%…not a bad year if that were the result!  Given the news in January one might think the world had fallen apart but all the major US Stock Indexes hit ALL TIME HIGHS at the same time; something that hasn’t happened since the 1990s!  bobsstocks.com Model/Method (MM) predicted these new highs several years ago.  We have updated that prediction for 2017 and beyond.  Our New Year Bob’s Stock Market Weather Forecast Newsletter predicted not only the stock market but also Oil, the US Dollar, Interest Rates and Gold.  As of today those predictions are all moving in the direction forecast on their way to the targets.  With the Wall Of Worry so large at present, what happens next could be quite significant.  I hope you will join me in my newsletter service and make the trend your friend!  Click here for membership information.