New Year 2017 Forecast Edition – – 12/23/16

What a year it was in 2016. Who would have thought there would be a Brexit and that Donald Trump would be elected President of the United States? That is what happened yet our Predictions for 2016 were very close to ON THE MONEY not knowing how the news would unfold. As I have said, the trend has the news already embedded in it so the news often is a distraction.

Before moving to the 2017 forecast in Part 2, let me summarize the predictions and results for 2016 that appeared in the January 3, 2016 BSMWF Newsletter.

First, the stock market was predicted to move higher in 2016 following the 5 Segment BIG pattern.

By the way, the Big 4 correction was forecast to be 15%-20% and came in at 15%.

Despite all the noisy news and several worldwide shocks, the pattern is playing out in the predicted manner. What does this mean for 2017? Click here to read more.