Take On the #1 Commodity In The World – Oil!

Every year in early January I make predictions based on my experience with pattern recognition and my self made Model/Method that drives the forecasts made to my subscribers on  On January 5th this year my New Year’s Forecast Newsletter predicted that although there was a glut in oil that 2016 would be an up year for oil.  I gave two targets the first of which was $48/bbl.  The second was for a specific price that only my subscribers know.  So what has happened so far?  Oil fell to about $26/bbl before rallying to just over $51/bbl.  Then it dropped to $39/bbl and pundits predicted it would go below $26 again.  I told my members that oil was just correcting and that higher prices lie ahead.  Since the $39/bbl low just a few weeks ago the world’s #1 commodity has risen past $48/bbl on the way to the second target I laid out in January…thus confounding the so called “experts”. has profited handsomely buy buying out of favor names early in the year.  We have 50% + profits in several of these names already and there is still time for more upside.  While I believe a long bear market in oil is not over, this rally was tradable for those understanding how patterns repeat in nature. Humankind is just one slice of our natural system. educates about patterns that repeat in nature and gives real examples in real time of how one can use this patterns to increase their probabilities for success.  After all, being an atmospheric scientist and award winning meteorologist I know something about patterns.  Now I have applied that knowledge and experience in a way that is unique and actionable.  Perhaps you should take action and review here and learn how The Trend Can Be Your Friend Until It Ends!