Bobs Stock Market Weather Forecast Newsletter – 10/17 –

I am uneasy about how easy the stock market has been lately! The relentless rally continues. Can you believe the S&P 500 has set new All Time Highs (ATH) on 67 occasions so far in 2017 including today? Thankfully bobsstocks has been on the right side of this trend and that trend continues.


Strategy & Stock Market Review

Three weeks ago Strategy 3 added some exciting pattern stocks to its top 10 list. KEM and UCTT have done well since then but yesterday, due to a rare volatile opening, both were stopped out for a 20% and 12.6% gains respectively.  Not a bad return given a 3 week investment.

Strategy 1 is up 25% in the past 11 months alone!

Many market pundits are predicting a crash that will rival the one in 2008.  I want to go though the indicators in my Model/Method MM so we can judge the probability or a positive or negative outcome in the months ahead.  I am already working on my forecast based on the MM for 2018.  You will want to stay tuned to the 2018 Forecast Edition of Bob’s Stock Market Weather Forecast Newsletter only available on

As you know we hit a home run with our 2017 Forecast that called for the market to rise about 20%.

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