Big Trends And What They Mean –

At we track big trends. The interest rate cycle is the largest cycle I have tracked since it has lasted 35 years! Big trends like this do not reverse easily. Think of a train going downhill. Not a pretty sight! So while so many are obsessed with increasing rates, I am watching but not worrying about rates. The surprise will not be on the upside but on the downside!

The Key to outperformance in my view is riding big trends and being willing to be in all cash when the trend is not your friend. Bear markets go down about 3X faster than Bull Markets go up. I try to get 80% of major bull trends by being in the SPY and otherwise in cash. Cash is a great place to be in Bear Markets. If you can catch 80% of major trends you will outperform the indexes by a mile and reduce your risk. The stock market only changes trends once in a while. So one does not have to trade much thereby saving fees. uses a major trend change model/method that has shown itself to be accurate, easy to use and cost effective. Patterns repeat in nature over and over again and the stock market is full of high probability patterns. Remember The Trend Is Your Friend Until It Ends!  Click here for more.