About Bob Bunting

Bob Bunting is a scientist, businessman, serial entrepreneur, philanthropist & CEO. He helps bring new technology/science based products to practical commercial use, the latest of which is a subscription Quantitative Stock Market Trend Model.

In the 80s, Bob was a Lead Forecaser for the NOAA National Weather Service and later founded the University Corporation for Atmospheric Research (UCAR) Corporate Membership Program and later co-founded the UCAR Foundation. These enterprises began the outreach program of the world renowned National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR) with the goal of protecting and commercializing the intellectual property developed at NCAR and strategically aligning corporate members with emerging scientific issues including: climate warming, the ozone hole, supercomputing, Doppler weather radar, etc.

In the early 90s Mr. Bunting, built the US subsidiary of MacDonald Dettwiler & Associates (Canada) from a cold start to about $80M in sales within five years, He introduced Orbital Sciences Corporation to MDA in 1995 and MDA was sold to OSC soon after. Having been in the Business of Science, in 1995 he founded Waterstone which has been instrumental in the start up phases of companies like Digital Globe, (NYSE: DGI), Intermap Technologies & Adam Aircraft. Waterstone has assisted mature companies like Raytheon repositioning DOD technology for civilian markets.

From 2005 until earl 2011 Bob was CEO of Crystal Diagnostics Ltd, a mid-stage development company transitioning liquid crystals to the new era of bio-sensors. He currently serves on boards of several early stage companies and non profit corporations.  He has been an educator a 6 colleges and universities and most recently has taught a very successful series of  entrepreneurship classes at the Deming Center for Entrepreneurship in the LEEDS School of Business at the University of Colorado, Boulder.

Patterns and trends repeat in nature and this became a curiosity for him in the 90s.  Eventually he developed a model/method that both filters out stock market noise and identifies key parameters that help drive market performance. Now with skill in identifying high probability patterns/trends that can last for years, bobsstocks.com help identify significant high probability patterns that often lead to gains in the market and individual stocks.  bobsstocks.com is geared to educate investors on how they can use this information to inform their own performance as investors.  Bob shares his own investment strategies and the background of why he does what he does in an easy, clear and actionable way.

Not being a Wall Street person he brings a unique and different perspective that should not be missed.