As I write this newsletter one of the world’s most fascinating and destructive weather events, a super hurricane, is bearing down on Florida. As an atmospheric scientist, studying and predicting hurricanes was an important forerunner of my work to understand predictable patterns and trends in the stock market. Hence this newsletter is called Bob’s Stock Market Weather Forecast (BSMWF). By the way, bobsstocks began the 5th year in operation this month!

One of the key background pieces for my work on stock market trends is the Fibonacci sequence. Please review the background information titled, “For New Subscribers” located on the left hand side of the “Members Only” landing page where you access the newsletters and updates on You can also view my Ted Talk by clicking here. There you can see the wild and wonderful world of the Fibonacci pattern that repeats over and over again on every time scale and dimension.

In this newsletter I review the major trends in the stock market, interest rates, gold, and oil using my Model/Method as a guide.  Then I review the 3 Strategies that have beat the market for 4 years in a row since this service started in October 2012.  We are now in our 5th year and perhaps it it time for you to take control of your own investments and learn how to profit from major trends.  Here is the link for more info.