10 Stocks For 2017 – bobsstocks.com

Today I selected my 10 stocks for 2017.  This is an annual list where I use my Model/Method (MM) that rides big trends in the stock market.  Being in the right sectors and names helps create outsized returns in the stock market.  As many of you know my MM was designed in the 1990s based on pattern recognition.  My newsletter, Bobs Stock Market Weather Forecast available only on bobsstocks.com, takes advantage of 40 years of training in forecasting trends in weather, climate and the stock market.  Since 2000 when my MM was complete, it has forecast every market crash while allowing me to be fully invested during Bull Markets.  With members all over the world, bobsstocks.com, is a scientific view of markets and stocks based on patterns.  Patterns, when strung together, become trends.  Riding the trends is my way of improving my odds for success.  Remember the Trend Is Your Friend Until It Ends.  Why not join our membership in time for 2017. The best investment you can make is in yourself!  Click here for membership directions.  Happy New Year!